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10 Awesome 404 Pages For Your Inspiration

404 pages are always found on websites when a user clicks a link that is broken and the result is not anymore on that website. The 404 error message is one of the most common errors a user find on a website and it become a tradition to build a great and appealing 404 page.

Why the 404 page should be visually appealing?

The 404 page should be appealing because this error shows up when the user is not finding what he is looking for, so he will be disappointed about this, but with a great awesome 404 page the negative impact in his reaction decreases and maybe he will not leave the website.

Let’s start our list with

#1 Online Store 404 Page CSS Animation


This is a pure css animated svg illustration for a web store’s 404 page. What makes this store special is the ability to actually decide what you want to get, and not be limited by what it’s got to offer at the moment.

#2 404 Illustration


This illustration of a 404 page is inspired by two-color light photography and this would work great on a flat website


#3 Flat 404 Inspiration


The following page is a great flat inspiration 404 page for your website. The color palette is awesome and the design is suitable for graphic design agencies and IT and telecommunication area.

#4 Environmental Preservation – 404 Page


The following 404 page design is meant to pop=up in front of the users of an environmental websites users. The graphics a beautiful 404 flat webpage inspiration with warm and green color shades. Please keep in mind the bears quote: “Somewhere out there is a tree who working hard to replace the oxygen you waste. Now go apologize to it!”


#5 Flat Page 404


Denys created a great flat 404 page design for your inspiration for the winter lovers and for sure for North Pole animals lover. The little flat penguin looks lost and that’s the purpose of this page. “You are lost but look at our awesome 404 page”


#6 Flat 3D 404 Web Page


Another flat 3D 404 page for your inspiration designed by Rizvan. We love the use of colors and the consistency of this awesome work.


#7 Lazy Sofa 404 page


The next awesome inspiration 404 page is a great lazy sofa animation that can bring a big smile on your users face when he find’s out that he is lost on your website:)


#8 Broken wire 404 illustration


Another beautiful flat and minimalist 404 webpage inspiration for you! Enjoy!


#9  404 Creativity


Great surreal atmosphere of “404 creativity” to live, with this this simple animation. Very nice work and animation for those of you who like to think that they are looking outside the box.

#10 404 page for interior design salon


The last one from our beautiful list is an interior design website 404 page, and why not, we chose it because it emphasizes a SOFA .


What do you think? Do you like our collection?

Do you know other great 404 pages? Feel free to write it down in the comments area an we will be happy to emphasize it!


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