Freelancing career in 2018
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Freelancing career in 2018

Hey you,

Yes you, if you are reading this, it seems that you want to have a freelancing career in 2018.

There are several things that come to your head when you thought about starting a Freelancing career in 2018:

  1. Does it worth?
  2. Is better to have a full time job even if I don’t do what I like?
  3. I am too old to start?
  4. How do I start?
  5. Where do I start?
  6. I am going to make money fast?


Yes, I am sure that there are more questions that come to your head, just let us know in the comments which is you question and we will answer to every single one of you.

So, before you send us your questions, we are going to answer to the first 6 most common questions.

Does it worth?

Yes it worths!

Why? the very most important thing is that you do what you love, and you do it for you. Being a freelancer means that you choose your clients, you choose your project, your tools, your schedule, your payment, your holiday, free days, everything.

Sound’s good isn’t it?

But (yes there is a but), you need to be a good freelancer, and that implies time (your time) maybe more time than an usual job, research..a lot of research and very hard hard hard work. Yes you need to work very much, very hard and very smart to achieve something.

It depends on you, how much do you want to do it, how good you want to be, and in the end, how much money you want to make!

Is better to have a full time job even if I don’t do what I like?


I say maybe, because at the begining you will not be able to sustain yourself, you need some money, you need to have something to start over.

But (there is a but here too), if you have some money to start, to get a good iMac, or a MacBook Pro, and a free place to work (home, parents, relatives)

If you have a place where to start creating, get some minimal work-space inspiration.

I am too old to start?

No, you are never to old to start. Better later than never.

Why do I say that? Just because you spend more than 70% of your life working. If you are doing something that you don’t like you are wasting your life.

So stop wasting your life and do what you like, what makes you happy.

How and where do I start?

So, if you are still reading what I am saying here, than maybe you want to have a freelancing career in 2018.

There are plenty of ways to start your freelancer career, it depends what you know to do, or what you would like to learn to do.

If you want to be graphic designer/ web designer, you can start working on this 6 Platforms:

1 – 99Designs – a great platform for freelancer where you can start working asap, you can submit your works in graphic design works, web design works, print design, advertising, media, everything but not programming/coding

2 – Creative Market – Marketplace where you can open your own shop and sell your work. You can chose your price (like any price) for your work and 70% from the product price will go into your account.

3. UpWork  – is a great place to find rewarding projects, to find more clients, and to run and grow your own freelance business. You have the freedom to choose the jobs you want to work for, and get paid even for a one time project with a fixed price or you can work hourly, at an hourly price sat by you. You can work on Upwork in many other areas than design.

4- Envato MarketPlace- A great marketplace where you can sell your work starting from HTML Wesbites, WordPress Websites, graphic elements, PSD websites, sounds, music, code, pretty much everything a freelancer can sell.

5. Fiverr –  On fiverr you can work for projects as little as for 5$ for a small custom change on a graphic to big and high payed projects. Create an account and start working

6. ServiceScape  If you are an editor, translator, graphic designer, or writer, then you should definitely check this site out. It has been around for over 15 years and has a great reputation.

I am going to make money fast?

No. You are not going to make money fast an easy. You need to work (as I said before) more, harder and smarter to achieve something if you want to be a freelancer.

Feel free to like, share or do whatever you want with this post as far as it helps you.

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Cheers and good luck!


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