My first Graphic Design Freelance Money

I started to learn Photoshop in order to create avatars for forums, and learned everything from tutorials.

I, somehow found out that there is a platform that organizes design contests for freelancers and you can make money from that. Being a student, and winning my own pocket money would have been a great way to show my parents that I am responsible and I can avoid playing games and win some money.

Great, sounds good, I have created my account and started looking for contests that suited my design expertise (almost 0).

I started to “design” logos. I had no clue what a vector means, how to do it and how to follow a brief

I entered 35 contest and no win. Nothing. My enthusiasm went down very hard and very quick, and I decided to delete my account when, suddenly, the last contest I entered, after 2 months of no answer from the contest holder, picked me as a winner. (300$ Prize)

My enthusiasm went up and keep designing and moved to the website design category where I won other several contest. I have to mention that I was doing freelance design only in may free time because I had and I still have a full time job.

Now, I created a website to help others to build their design works where I share and create free design resources. Some of them are my work and some are free works from other designers from the web.

I will show you now, the winning design that kept me on this filed at that time, and gave me power and motivation to keep up with design work.

My first winning logo design.

In this regard, I would like to empower the designers that are on their career start to keep up with their aim and follow their dreams because you never know when everything changes and the experience and clients and awards and rewards will come only after years of hard and smart work.

Good luck!

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