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Stop Following From Respect!

Stop following from respect and I would like to tell you why!

I own a small website startup and I am trying to gain and to share my work in the social media, as all of you are doing.

I started with a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+and Tumblr social profile as, again, all of you did. Later on, I decided later to create an Instagram account because there are many people that may have some interest in my website and the resources I provide.

So, I created my Instagram brand new page with a profile picture, info in the bio, link to my website and some pictures from my website to promote my work.

All nice and great at the beginning, the “loves” started to get in and the followers with them. I was amazed in my first day how the followers list was growing and I really taught that people are interested about my page and my work.

The Instagram page grown quickly compared with the other social media profiles I mentioned before in the article, and I was wandering why I waited so much to create an Instagram profile since it has so much success.

The second day, the same stuff, I posted some other work and the “love” and followers list kept growing very nice. That was a moment when I taught that my page has really something that people appreciate and that made me happy.

As a newbie on Instagram, I started following the one that followed me, to show that I am an active page owner and I appreciate their interest.

The third day, everything happened like in the two previous days and I kept posting new stuff.

All nice and sweet until…

Until, in the 4th day, I wanted to post something on my page, and suddenly I was amazed that my followers list went down very hard and very quick. I did not know what to do and where to look, what was happening and how to stop that or how to find out how that happened.

I started reading topics on the internet, to find out what was happening. In  the meantime the followers list kept going down..

But Why?

I started investigating what happened and why that happened and I figured it out.

The people or the pages that followed me had a high number of followers and a small number of following pages, and I stared wandering why they followed me?

Then I realized that this pages, based on what I did before, follow you, you as a newbie follow them to show respect and interest and after a while they stop following you.

In this regard they gain many followers and less following pages, to look like a powerful business.

We all know powerful businesses are not following so many pages and have a bunch of followers.

I learned something from this experience and I want to share it, to protect stat-up business owners from being cheated by the other.

What I learned?

I learned not to follow back only after a while or not to follow back at all.

Follow just the pages you like and share things of your interest.

Stop following from respect.


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